What Are We Chasing?


“And I saw that all toil and all achievement spring from one person’s envy of another.  This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.”  Ecclesiastes 4:4

In 2 different devotional readings this morning (J.D. Walt’s Daily Text and Barb Raveling’s Freedom from Emotional Eating,) I read about how we are constantly trying to be the best.  We want to distinguish ourselves as separate or better than others.  As J.D. says describing Peter—“Jesus loves you, but I’m His favorite.”  As people, and even as Christians, we aren’t usually satisfied with His love alone.  We are looking to make ourselves better or separate—we want to be distinguished and set apart.  We don’t just want to be who we are—we want to be the best of everything and God’s favorite.

I love that God wants us to be satisfied in Him and in the fact that Jesus loved us enough to die on the cross for our sins and the sins done against us.  We are enough in Him.  We don’t have to be the best or in competition with each other—we already have everything we need for life and Godliness (2 Peter 1:3). 

I’m sick of competing with everyone else.  I don’t have to be the “Best Wesley Director” or “Best Mom.”  I simply have to be the best DSU Wesley Director I can be for such a time as this.  I only have to be the best mom I can be for Hugh and Polly.  I’ve already earned my place—at the cross—bought by the blood of Christ. 

Community is Contagious

I am so excited to be in the community of the DSU Wesley Foundation!  The reason I love it is because the love of God is shown here and people can't help but want to be a part of it.  Wesley has been growing, and one of the most exciting ways is with internationals.  We have students coming to Wesley from Kenya, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, Brazil, China, England, Tunisia, and others.  It is such a blessing because this is what the Kingdom of God will look like: people of all nationalities and races worshiping Him together.

I praise God that I get to be in a community where students are excited about God and each other.  May we be a light for Christ in a way that is contagious!




Finally Fall!

I feel like the Sheets family is finally settling in here in Cleveland--We love it!  I especially love that it is cooling off and it is a little bit breezy.  God has blessed us so much in coming to Cleveland--we love our jobs and the churches and the community and our little cul-de-sac where our kids ride bikes.

I am so grateful that God brought us to this community where college students are a priority.  College is one of the most pivotal times in life because decisions will be made that will drastically affect people's futures. 

The Lord is doing awesome things at Delta State and at the Wesley Foundation.  I love that our Wesley is multi-cultural with different races and countries represented.  Praise God--this is what the Kingdom of Heaven will look like!

Pray for our students that we would grow in community with Christ and each other.  Pray that the Wesley would be a place where students feel welcome and that life change can happen.

Thank you for all the ways you support us!

The Importance of a Team

As Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 12:27, we are the body of Christ.  I have never felt that as much as I do working at the Wesley.  The Wesley Foundation is truly a partnership in ministry.  Kayla, the Assistant Director, and I are so blessed to work with our student servant team.  This is 12 students who strive to serve the campus and draw people to Wesley.  We meet every Sunday night for teaching and prayer and then to discuss how we can best serve the Wesley.

The Wesley is driven by the Board.  We couldn't do it without them.  They are our connection with the UMC community and they are the ones that give me wisdom to lead.  They set financial and ministry priorities so that the mission of the DSU Wesley can be carried out.  They are representatives from several churches in our district.

The Wesley is truly a partnership with the individuals and churches in our greater community.  We have churches that give money, provide meals, serve on the Board, volunteer at events, teach college Sunday School classes, and a million other things.  One of my favorite parts of ministry at the Wesley is when I get to bring students to share at different churches about what God is doing in their lives.

Individuals matter so much to our Wesley Ministry Team.  Y'all are blessing us with your prayers, your service, and your finances.  We are able to do what we do because of y'all!

I am grateful that I am not alone on this journey to minister to college students.  We as a community of churches, individuals, and students get to work together to show the students of DSU the love and saving grace of God through Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for us and seek ways to give through your time and finances.  You can even donate through our website!

The Time is Now

We serve a God who is incredibly faithful.  I am continually amazed by how He is working in my life and in the lives of students. 

I think the greatest challenge that students face, I face, and all Christians face is choosing to make God a priority everyday.  God does not just desire to be acquaintances with us--He desires a full and intimate relationship.

Today and everyday we get to choose to put Him first as Lord of our hearts, time, and lives.  May we choose to spend time with Him--not focused on doing things for Him but just being with Him.  I don't want to settle for less than God's best for me, and I don't want to miss out on any of the fullness of life that He has for me.

Let us not settle, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

Healthiness of Heart and Body

I hate working out!  I went to my first class today at Balance Fitness, and it was extremely hard for me, but it was also a blessing.  A blessing that I can move my legs and strive to be stronger as well as hopefully build relationships with the ladies there.

God desires us to be healthy physically and spiritually.  We need to seek Him with all that we have as well as honor Him with our bodies.  Join me in this quest to grow holistically in Him!

A New Beginning

               My family and I have started over in Cleveland.  We have gone through many transitions in our life together from Wilmore, KY at Asbury University to Booneville, MS at Northeast Mississippi Community College, and now to Delta State.  THE LORD IS SO GOOD AND SO FAITHFUL!

               I admit that I was scared to come and anxious about what my future held.  YET, I know that I serve a great God that will fulfill His purposes in and through me.

               At the Servant Team retreat this weekend, I will get the privilege of meeting the student leaders at the Wesley Foundation.  I love that the team is called the “Servant Team” rather than “Leadership.”  These students are here to serve others.  Like Jesus, they hope to put the needs of others before their own.  Their greatest desire is for their fellow college students to come to know and grow in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  I am grateful to be a part of their team.